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  • Sprint 307
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Sprint Review

  • Complete sprint
  • Determine if sprint goals were met
  • Discuss completed items
    • Demo any necessary items
  • Decide what to do with any item not completed

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Support Team Discussion Items

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Technical Discussion Items

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Review prior retrospective (Sprint  305)

Play Start, Stop, Continue

About this sprint: 

What did we do well / What did we learn?

  • @Fetch Hibernate Annotation
  • Left Join Fetch / Join Fetch
  • We can only have a single Left Join Fetch or Join Fetch per query
  • Andy Hoiles Learned how to make a report runnable
  • Greg Shepherd Learning how to write DTO queries
  • Kim Olson Tested whole release prior to release date

What should we have done better?

  • Documenting API's

What should we start doing?

What should we stop doing?

What should we keep doing?


  • Marc Davis Can we add a data generator to the existing db images? (Patch, through liquibase, create the necessary info via Mass Load?)

Developer Discussion Items

  1. (davis) Performance concerns from Dublin / Pickerington
    1. FISCSUP-4229 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Per feedback, the main source of frustration seems to be in reporting
    3. Areas of concern include
      1. Modify / Update Payroll timed out and locked UI
      2. Payroll Report processing time
        1. Payroll Report is build directly on our model
        2. Reports should be based on DTO values
      3. Process Payments time
        1. Reporting time can be long when creating xml for all DD
        2. Around 2000 employees for Dublin
        3. The structure for printing these uses a partial DTO 
          1. Instead of gathering history information we link it directly to the DTO's
      4. Outstanding Payables
        1. UI
        2. Reports
        3. Loading Times of all processes
        4. We have no way to recreate the reports after payables have been processed
      5. UI performance 
        1. Adjustment / Payroll Items / Payments
        2. We know exactly what is wrong with these and they will be redesign to correctly pass / filter info 
      6. Employer Distributions
        1. No employer amounts - 2.5m to get report with no data
        2. All pay item - ~4.5m
      7. ODJFS - 15m
  2. (davis) SERS concerns from Dublin / Pickerington
    1. FISCSUP-4248 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. (davis)  USPSRFB-438 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. (Greg) Discuss how to prevent this situation:
    1. District apparently added Dock for the Legacy compensation when paying the Contract compensation
  5. (davis)  FISCSUP-4248 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. (Andy) FISCSUP-3987 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. (Kim)  CSV is giving errors for SERS Surcharge report USPSR-4776 - Getting issue details... STATUS   , but not for STRSAD reports  USPSR-4498 - Getting issue details... STATUS .  Andy found out the following when he Googled it:    Excel sees ID in the first column and assumes the file type of SYLK is based upon that. 

Plan Sprint

  • Average velocity for USPS-R team: 8.5 story points
  • Clarify team availability 
  • Add user stories and bugs to the next sprint
  • Make sure each story / bug is clear 
  • Estimate each story / bug
  • Create sprint goal
  • Start sprint

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