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Sprint Review

  • Complete sprint
  • Determine if sprint goals were met
  • Discuss completed items
    • Demo any necessary items
  • Decide what to do with any item not completed

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Support Team Discussion Items

  1. (Andrea)  FISCSUP-4195 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

    While Pickerington City was balancing reports to go live, the Treasurer was disappointed to find that some reports were only available as PDF which made it harder for them to compare data and look for any differences. They had to convert it to CSV themselves, which was quite the process, not something I have ever tried myself. He also mentioned that several amount fields, when he does have and use the CSV option, are stored as text for some reason. Both districts reported that they would really like a CSV format option for the Leave Balances Report specifically. They really struggled with trying to convert it during post import balancing.   USPSRFB-353 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

  2. (Andrea)  FISCSUP-3952 - Getting issue details... STATUS  How does the money paid with a non-taxable reimbursement get charged to USAS? It looks like it doesn't add on to the total payroll expenditure. Is this the way it is supposed to work?
  3. (Lori)  FISCSUP-4196 - Getting issue details... STATUS  SERS days for time sheet days when on lag.  USPSRFB-438 - Getting issue details... STATUS I upped the requests on this it is at 10.
  4. (Lori)  FISCSUP-3440 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Medicare off (rounding) Just wanted to add this so we remember to discuss.

Technical Discussion Items

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Review prior retrospective (Sprint  305)

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About this sprint: 

What did we do well / What did we learn?

  • Learned how to create release branches and release USPS-R

What should we have done better?

What should we start doing?

What should we stop doing?

What should we keep doing?


  • Marc Davis Can we add a data generator to the existing db images? (Patch, through liquibase, create the necessary info via Mass Load?)

Developer Discussion Items

  1. (Justin)  USPSR-3624 - Getting issue details... STATUS  warning or error?
    1. Producing a warning should be ok for now
  2. (Justin) UAT - Should docks on advanced compensations even be allowed?
    1. Classic allows a dock type, but will produce a warning letting the users know this will throw off advance numbers when balancing
    2. Marc Davis Contact STRS to see how this should be reported
  3. (Andy) UAT - Should advance reports be disabled while in advance?  Currently the button to generate a submission file is disabled while in advance, but the report buttons remain enabled.
    1. Discussed with UAT - Issue added
    2. USPSR-5036 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. (davis)  USPSR-5018 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. Discussion on the account sync issue
  5. (Justin) UAT - Should users be able to manually turn advance mode on/off in the configuration?
    1. Discussed with UAT, will look into making this prop read only if NOT in advance mode
  6. (davis) Audit Report discussion
    1. Per priority committee, the Audit report will be moved to 6.11.0 - 6.12.0
  7. (davis)  USPSR-5031 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  8. (Greg) Ticket came in where user was unable to add a Contract compensation manually via Current due to a 'unit amount cannot be zero' error.  Turns out there was an archived NonContract compensation that was actually the source of the error.  Should we ignore archived compensations?  Or at the very least, give preference to non-archived compensations?
    1. Issue added
    2. USPSR-5048 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  9. (Greg)  Both Ryan McClay and myself have noticed error messages in the server logs that seem problematic to me:  USPSR-5033 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  10. (Greg) Do we need to provide a way for USPS-only districts to bypass the externalId validation?   USPSR-5038 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  11. (Andy) Soap bridge - queryPositionsById - supposed to return all positions for a given employee number that is passed in as a parameter.  Currently uses a 'like' query to find positions with position.employee.number like the passed number.  If a number such as '2233' is passed in and there is an employee with number = 2233 and also an employee with number = 22334455, positions for both employees are returned.  A kiosk district reported that a situation similar to this resulted in not all positions showing up for the employee with the 2233 number.  The kiosk apparently does not cope with positions for multiple employees being returned by this soap call.  They are expecting only positions for the employee who's number they provide.  We would need to update the soap bridge method to use = instead of 'like'
    1. This is currently preventing one employee from submitting leave in the kiosk.  Informed the kiosk developers of what we are currently returning and told them they could search the results for the correct employee.  They are not making the update at this point because they believe our service is returning incorrect results.
    2. Issue added
    3. USPSR-5047 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  12. (Justin) Tax Estimator USPSR-5002 - Getting issue details... STATUS   - Handling multiple compensations with different retirements or a job with no retirement

Plan Sprint

  • Average velocity for USPS-R team: 9 story points
  • Clarify team availability 
  • Add user stories and bugs to the next sprint
  • Make sure each story / bug is clear 
  • Estimate each story / bug
  • Create sprint goal
  • Start sprint

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