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Discussion Items

  1. (Greg) USPSR-3813 - Getting issue details... STATUS The Help→About page is VERY out-of-date.
  2. (Kim) USPSR-3805 - ODJFS - not including non-contract employees Resolved
    1. Ran ODJFSRPT in Classic and the 2 employees did not show up.  Ran in Redesign and they showed up.  I talked to Andy and he said it's because Classic puts on report if weeks > 0 or QTD ODJFS wages > 0.    Redesign looks at this + if QTD Gross Wages > 0.  These 2 employees had QTD Gross Wages > 0, so that's why it's on Redesign and not Classic.  Should it be different like this?? I just added $1 to the 2 employees ODJFS wage amount in OH record and it pulled in on Classic.

  3. (Greg)  USPSR-3812 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Should Retirement flag be optional in certain circumstances?
  4. Double-posting of Payables during Payroll Post has apparently happened again. ???
    1. Asked if the payroll items in question were position level. User responded with no.
    2. They reported the problem, processed other outstanding payables, now they cannot recreate the duplicate payables. Are we not refreshing the screen correctly between tabs?
    3. Next time this is reported we need the user to run the Outstanding Payables Detail Report. If there are duplicates this report should show them. 
  5. (Greg) Do we need to delete the recent Patch (and maybe disable the rest as they are no longer needed)?
  6. (Kim) USPSR-3783 - Getting issue details... STATUS Shouldn't we default a new position as Active (not Inactive)?
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