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Discussion Items

  1. (Greg)  District (apparently) Posted a Payroll, submitted to USAS, but then Unposted the Payroll and Posted again.
    1. This results in the new "copy" of the Historical Payroll showing as not being sent to USAS
    2. How can we get this cleaned up?
  2. (Greg) District has NonContract employees that are not showing on ODJFS as they did in Classic
    1. In OdjfsChunkProvider.getOdjfsDaysFromCalendars, we specifically check for ContractCompensation
    2. Lori indicated that these were counted towards weeks in Classic, should we match?
  3. (Greg)  USPSR-3483 - Getting issue details... STATUS  This issue is to verify that dock amounts are creating future pay amounts
    1. Lori reported a district where it did indeed create a future pay amount, but it either creates 2 of them or 2 copies of the future pay amount are apparently getting pulled into the payroll
  4. (davis) HSA Submission file is excluding Payables Adjustments. 
    1. The HSA Submission file only grabs the outstanding payables based on this query
      1. payablesLedgerRepository.findBySourceIds(row.historicalEmployeePayId.toString(),

    2. User added payable adjustments for these items will never be selected.
    3. We will need to add a UI portion to allow the user to select unprocessed hsa payable adjustments they want to process with their normal HSA payables.
      1. Or should we just auto process all unprocessed user added adjustments???
  5. (USPS Team) - we should probably talk about the new buttons....
  6. (Greg)  USPSR-3803 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. (Kim) USPSR-3805 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. Ran ODJFSRPT in Classic and the 2 employees did not show up.  Ran in Redesign and they showed up.  I talked to Andy and he said it's because Classic puts on report if weeks > 0 or QTD ODJFS wages > 0.    Redesign looks at this + if QTD Gross Wages > 0.  These 2 employees had QTD Gross Wages > 0, so that's why it's on Redesign and not Classic.  Should it be different like this?? I just added $1 to the 2 employees ODJFS wage amount in OH record and it pulled in on Classic.

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