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Discussion Items

  1. (Greg) I discovered some odd differences between Classic and Redesign
    1. Adoption Assistance payroll item:
      1. Classic
        1. Employee rate only
        2. Employee max amount
      2. Redesign
        1. Employee and employer rate
        2. Employee and employer max amount
      3. Should redesign allow for employer rate and employer max amount, or should these be removed?
    2. Child Support payroll item:
      1. Classic
        1. Employee rate only
        2. Employee max amount
      2. Redesign
        1. Employee rate only
        2. Employee and employer max amount
      3. We need to either add employerRate since we have employer max amount, or remove employer max amount?
  2. (Matt/Greg) Determine if we are storing applicableGross properly for pickup on pickup with fringe
    1. There is an increasedCompensation flag stamped on HistoricalPayrollItem
    2. USPSR-3162 may have fixed this?
    3. The inflated amount is being stored in both the total gross and applicable gross for HistoricalPayrollItems via the EmployeePay post method. This is ugly and we will create a tech debt issue as we think simply storing the correct values in the pay context itself would fix this.
  3. (Matt) Need to be able to mass load adjustment journal entries
  4. (Matt) Need to be able to add user defined box 14 codes to W2
  5. (Greg) What is the NonTaxableReimbursement pay type used for, and does W2 reporting need to handle it?
    1. I did not include this in my NCx issues
  6. (Greg/Lori N) Indian Creek via Valerie reported that the SSDT Check Register template report was including checks it should not have been
    1. Payroll posting date was September 5, but they "printed" the XML for the printed checks on August 31st (when processing the payroll)
    2. When running Check Register for month of August, these checks were showing up because it was using the transaction date of the payroll checks
    3. Valerie/Loris feel that the Check Register report should be using the pay date instead
    4. I think this might be problematic as not all Check payment types have a pay date to check?
  7. (Greg)  USPSR-3095 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. After making all code changes except for the Importer changes, I realized that the importer was already importing hand checks
      1. They are always imported as a Payee payment, sometimes without the Payee
      2. The reason the hand checks for Wauseon caused an error were because they had period beginning and ending dates somehow - normally hand checks do not
    2. I propose that we continue with the changes
      1. In importer, if we can't determine a Payee or Employee or any other 'error condition', create a Manual check instead so as not to have a gap in the check numbers, otherwise continue importing as Payee payments
        1. Or maybe we want to always create a Manual check instead of a Payee check if we can figure out how to tell for sure?
      2. We can write a Patch (or not - not a big deal to leave it alone IMO) to switch imported Payee payments without a Payee to Manual payments
    3. Also, Classic did not allow for a hand check to an Employee - it always required a deduction code or vendor number
      1. Do we want to continue and allow Employee manual checks?
    4. OR we can just scrap the idea and either
      1. Loosen checks on whether or not it is a hand check in importer
      2. Fix Wauseon's hand checks to not have a date range
  8. (Kim) USPSR-3765 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. In testing this issue, I just have 2 items to discuss:
      1.  The annuity has amount withheld adjustment journal (negative amount of the refund), but there is no taxable gross adjustment journal. Is this correct?
      2. USPSR-3769 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      3. When refunding an HSA in Redesign it appears to not withhold City Tax. Andrea reported it is withheld in Classic. The redesign code appears to only look at the 'appliesAnnuityToGross' method for all annuity types. The HSA annuity type is always 'Other' but for city withholding it needs to look at the 'applyHealthSavingsAccountAnnuityToGross' when refunding a HSA. 
  9. (Kim)  USPSR-3690 - Getting issue details... STATUS I do not have a USAS test instance to test Marc's USAS changes.
  10. (Andy) Valerie requested sort option (employee ID or name) on check STRS template report, or if can't provide sort option set sort to name by default.  Lori Miller sent this to me and also felt the sort should be changed.

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