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  • Identify and estimate work for this Sprint

Discussion Items

  1. (Greg)  USPSR-3723 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. Is this a data problem or a report problem?
  2. (Greg)  USPSR-3693 - Getting issue details... STATUS USPSR-3725 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. How exactly should we be handling NCx pay types?
  3. (Greg) In Classic, there are 2 fields on the Federal 001 record regarding health insurance: "Hth Reimb" and "Emplr Hth"
    1. "Emplr Hth" becomes the "Health Insurance" adjustment journal type
    2. Was "Hth Reimb" purposely removed in USPSr or handled another way, or overlooked?
  4. (davis) Go over Refund of Payroll Item bugs and determine what version they will be fixed on.
  5. (Matt) getOrCreateUtility should never be used outside of importer. getOrCreates have dangerous side affects. I don't believe we are using these outside of the importer, but we should not and may want to take measures to document / prevent this. 

Meeting Notes



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