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Discussion Items

  1. (Greg) Should we add a report option to the HSA ACH submission view?
    1. The creation of the file causes a point-of-no-return in terms of unposting the payroll
    2. But they have no way of verifying the information is correct prior to generating the file
    3. User also requested that a warning be displayed on the view indicating that generating the HSA ACH will cause Payables to be 'paid', and hence PONR
  2. (davis) Should we add an issue date to the Check class?
    1. Pay Rec currently extracts the transaction date. This will cause issues for Payroll Checks. We will need to either check the type and select the pay date or create a new property called issue date that is set to the pay date for payroll checks.
  3. (davis) Should we add a pay to name to the check class?
  4. (davis) Lori and Lori ran into an bug with Mass Load. (Not actually a bug, just a missing part) 
    1. Mass load cannot handle One to Many References
    2. We either need to figure out a way to load One to Many references (Not sure where to begin here)
    3. Or we need to add a specific Mass Load option for Payroll Item Error Adjustments
      1. I think it would be a much easier assignment to create a service (much like attendance load) to handle payroll item error adjustments via csv
    4. This could possibly be a Mass Change definition?
  5. (Greg) New Contract findings
    1. Classic New Contract pulled in Non-contract compensations!?
    2. Could we get by with Mass Loading of NonContractCompensations somehow?
    3. In Classic, it is (apparently) quite common for a job be associated with the default calendar (with no days)
      1. Redesign requires a job calendar with days to calculate the unit amount
      2. How are these to be handled in Redesign?  Unit Amount Manual Calculation?  Non-contract compensation?
    4. It seems that Compensations are being orphaned - perhaps when a New Contract is deleted instead of activated?
    5. Redesign handles SERS/STRS hours differently than Classic, but we determined that Redesign is probably more accurate
  6. (davis) ACH Service / Payments / Payment Transaction
    1. We are allowing the ACH Service to create a row in the submission file with $0.00 paid. 
      1. This has to be there to allow for prenotes, but when a user is actually paid $0.00 we need to remove the direct deposit row from the file.
    2. Should we still create the transaction even if it is for $0.00?
      1. I think we would so we can track how they were paid, but for Checks will this assign a check number? Something we might want to look into.
    3. USPSR-3637 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. Michelle Buss - Feedback questions that I didn't have definitive answers. (Davis' Responses in bold)
    1. When adding a new employee, it gives you a warning when entering a new employee with the same SSN, but it still added. Is this the intention?

      1. This is the intention as of right now. We ran into some issues early on when importing districts where duplicate SSN's were possible. We will provide a warning to the user when a duplicate SSN is entered. I will add a discussion item to our next meeting to determine if this behavior will continue going forward.

    2. When adding a new employee, it would be nice for it tell you what fields are required when saving.

      1. USPSR-3638 has been added to handle this issue.

    3. When adding a new employee, on the Employee screen, the State field is unlimited. Should it be a two digit code?

      1. I will add another discussion item for our next meeting. I am not sure if we will be forcing the Users to use 2 digit state codes.
    4.  On the Compensation screen, the unit amount should be required.
      1. The unit amount for Contract compensations are calculated when saved, unless the user overrides the calculation with the Manual Calculation Mode option. I will add a feedback request to require this field be required when the user overrides the calculation.
      2. USPSRFB-167 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    5. When posting attendance to payroll, it would be nice to have the attendance date, or some other indicator, on the current or future record so it can be easily identified which records came over from attendance.
      1. I will add a discussion topic for our next meeting to discuss adding a posting indicator to the future pay amounts. 
  8. (Greg) Valerie is concerned that it is possible to print an Electronic Check as a physical check in terms of auditors
    1. Lisbon:  Electronic Checks - We have determined that a district can print an actual "live" check even though it has been set up as an electronic transaction.  I feel that this is an area for fraud to occur. 
      1. Need to followup with Valerie and Lisbon to determine the exact steps that allow this to happen.
  9. (Greg) Vickie is concerned about gaps in check numbers, both from the banks POV and the auditors
    1.  Valerie: I'm just going to paste in "#5" from Vickie's list of questions/concerns to me from late Saturday night.  I can see her concern being valid, but I don't know if there is a solution or if this is a "one time" explain it to the bank and auditors type of thing:

      5.  Highest Check # on File - I know that I had questioned this earlier and I understand the answer - However, if a district decides to change banks for whatever reason - the new bank will NOT allow you to use the same sequence of check numbers.  They will determine what check numbers you will start with.

      At this point, my bank has questioned me on what I am doing because it appears very suspicious with my check numbers going between 45,000 and then into the 957,000 range.  It looks as if there is fraudulent activity on my account.  Due to the issues that we have had with payroll - some of our checks are in the 45,000 range and some are in the 957,000 range.  Again - I foresee issues with audit.

      1. Followup and figure out where this 957,000 range came from
  10. (Andy) Sharon Lawley/Brenda Core - asking if report equivalent to PERDET will be available in redesign.
  11. (Greg) Outstanding feedback issues
    1. ODJFS report and submission problems, Melissa Crossley(USPSr ODJFS Report), Michelle Buss(ODJFS Report) - do they need this soon for submission?   USPSR-3646 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. W2 report problems - Michelle Buss(Adustments), Missy Valkoski (W2 Comparison), Melissa Crossley(USPSr Quarterly/W-2 Reports)  USPSR-3642 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    3. Employer Retire Share - Vickie B-P - Lisbon
    4. USPSr Payroll Item Detail Report - Melissa Crossley - see attached

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