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Discussion Items

  1. (davis) Enums are not filtered in the grids as expected
    1. (shepherd) Extending from this, the sorting of Enums suffers from the same problem
  2. (shepherd) Suppressed and suppress repeating do not work in CSV - is this by design or something we can control?
  3. (olson) USPSR-3598 - Getting issue details... STATUS USPSR-3599 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. (Andy) USPSR-3581 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. (Andrea) Could it be possible to add a PAYRPT option to be created before creating the ACH or check for the refund? Classic does this and I would think districts would like to see this.
  6. (martin) Lori Miller re: feedback:
    1. Please see the email below form Melissa Crossley at OMERESA regarding the Payroll Item Detail report. I tested this and it does appear that the total gross for all employees does include additional pay that is marked No for retirement. The applicable gross appears to do the same for non pickup employees. (See Shepard as he is full pick up and his applicable gross appears to contain only the regular job amount plus pickup and does not include the non retirement job.
  7. (gregory) Issue  USPSR-3592 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is in response to a report of payroll check printing with the transaction date instead of the pay date.  Can we assume that if it is a Payroll Payment, that we always want to use the Pay Date, or are there some situations where we actually would want the transaction date instead?  (CheckPaymentDetail.groovy)
  8. (gms) Do we need to discuss the board retirement share problem that came in via feedback?

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