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Discussion Items

  1. (Greg) Do VARCHAR types in liquibase need to always be 255, or can they be any length
    1. What are the upsides and downsides to consider?
  2. (Andy) CHKSTRS - Lori Miller asked about this report, said districts will want to use it late July/August time frame.
  3. (davis) USPSR-3519 - Increment / Decrement pays paid on legacy comp
    1. Dee discovered a null pointer in the Void / Un-void event listener
    2. This only occurs for Imported payments
    3. The Pay Amounts that are imported never have a Compensation Id stamped (I don't believe we can stamp this)
    4. Need to update the listener
      1. Check for imported
      2. if imported look at the pay type
        1. if the pay type applies to contract and the pay date falls under the legacy compensation dates
          1. decrement / increment pays paid
        2. if pay type does not apply to contract
          1. ignore
    5. This original issue was completed on v5.8.0
    6. This bug warrants a hotfix
    7. I have not yet created an issue for this bug

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