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Discussion Items

  1. (davis) - Mass Load - This will be a bit difficult to explain to a user. The following works to reset a date
    1. employee.number,configuration.code,employeeDeductMaxAmount.specificDate
      'DAVIS001,121, '
      The single quotes are just to show there is a space in the last column.

      This does not work

      nothing in the last column.

      This is a problem for Dates specifically (I have not tested anything else). We might need to discuss adding more logic to Mass Load when it finds and empty field and it is a Date / Calendar to set the field to null and avoid passing a null to our Date Converter. I will add a discussion item.

  2. (Kim) USPSR-3321 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    1. I got the following as soon as I hit the +Add button:

  3. (davis) ModelCollections and ElementCollectionTable
    1. New UspsModelCollections
    2. Why did we change from item.asImmutable() to Google's ImmutableSet?
    3. Caused a stack overflow
    4. Element Collection Table does not work with Model Collections
      1. Works if the get method the table is based on is different than the name of the set it's working on
        1. i.e. Set<SpecificPayAccount> payAccounts
        2. getPayAccountManagedSet()
    5. Need to determine if we have to use the ModelCollections 
    6. Do we need to rewrite the components that user ElementCollectionTable?
  4. (Greg per Lori) Why would a payroll item maximum that contains a 0 not blank be considered a value and not allow processing of a refund of deduction? Sharon Lawley ran into this situation.
  5. (davis) code review comments
    3. Simple updates that need an issue

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