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  • Sprint review (30mins)
  • Retrospective (30mins)
  • Discussion Items
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Discussion Items

  1. (Greg) Employer Distribution/Retirement Share service looks at the PayrollItemConfiguration for certain bits of information like certifiedObj, current position/employee level, etc
    1. In 99.9% of cases this will suffice, but will break if they change one of these bits of information
    2. I'm pretty sure we've discussed this before, but we need to take a hard look at this situation (as well as likely other instances)
    3. Any time we are going through HistoricalEmployeePay.payrollItemsPaid and need to lookup it.payrollItem or it.payrollItem.configuration, this becomes a problem
  2. (Greg) Melissa at OMERESA requested that we set the order that Sick, Vacation and Personal leave show up in the UI, instead of (apparently) random order
  3. (Greg) How do we want to manage access to Production instances?
    1. Ask for SSDT login, ask for database backup, other?
      1. request login letting customer know they are not required to give this to us if they are not comfortable doing so
        1. have them set a resonable expiration date on the account
        2. verify account has a strong password and expiration when logging in
      2. Alternatively we can get a db backup via the secure send2ssdt method
  4. (Greg) Tracked down discrepancy in leave balance for OMERESA
    1. At time of import, Balance Transaction of 35 was created on Jan 1, 2018
    2. After import, user entered absence of 1 day on December 29, 2017
    3. Because absence was before the Balance Transaction date, it is ignored, resulting in wrong balance
    4. We may be able to handle this using onSave, onDelete? - but onUpdate might be a problem
      1. Matthew Calmes and Greg Shepherd will take this offline and propose a solution next sprint 
  5. (Kim)  In testing USPSR-3240 (Marc's issue) for ACH submission file I found a null pointer error for HSA submission file.  I am on 5.1 default, but Marc said he didn't change the HSA, only the ACH.
  6. (davis) Possible database change
    1. Might need to flip the appliesForRetirement flag for all Pay Amount's with NC1, NC2, NC3 pay types
    2. Historical Pay Amounts are not validating the applies for retirement 
      1. I changed the check history import to validate this field on import
    3. Updated Future Pay Amount import to validate this field
  7. (Andy)  Federal Tax Cumulative Wage method - we start counting periods based on the first pay date that an employee was paid.  Can not just count historical payrolls for the year because employee may not have been paid in a given payroll and the count would also include special pays.
  8. (Kyle)  Valerie Keough (OMERESA) SERS Per-Pay pay cycle entry lines.  Redesign currently has 5 entry lines, classic has 20.  We will need to increase this amount because Valerie shared with me a bug fix in classic that corrected an issue with the report only allowing 10 lines of entry even though 20 lines were displayed as being available.  Obviously, there is a district out there that has a need for more than 10 lines of entry.
  9. (Kyle) Testing environments
    1. Should we have docker environments setup to test whatever branches are on the Kan-Ban testing board?
    2. Do we update our local code to whatever branch and run our local app?

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