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Discussion Items

  1. AttendanceJournalAuditTest began failing (previously had bypassed problem by setting context to importing)
    1. When absense attendance journal is saved, AbsenseEventListener creates Absence.leaveTransaction
    2. Audit service chokes when trying to report this - it seems to be looking for a leaveTransaction property on the UsageTransaction object
    3. I added @NotAudited to Absence.leaveTransaction, but this is very likely wrong
    4. I was just fixing tests and didn't take time to fully understand the intricacies of audit service
    5. Issue to revisit this: USPSR-2363
  2. Too much data in highlight viewer, elsewhere. 
    1. Example of too much data in highlight viewer is Payments view.  This data should probably be displayed as a detail viewer.
  3. Andrea indicated that previously working date queries are now producing an error
    1. Ex.  Hire Date Greater than 01/01/1992   ( 01/01/1992)
    2. Could recent improvements to date handling for reports have broken this?
  4. A problem is occuring when using QueryDefault annotation 
    1. Compensation bean tried to set position.number sort (from Position entity) onto Compensation, causing exception
    2. I changed DefaultSortEnhancer to not process QueryDefault annotation if depth is not 0
  5. Performance problems - see VisualVM screenshot here: 
    1. The main cause of the performance problem discovered in 16.0 qa1 instance was excessive and constant GC
    2. App seems to be somewhat of a 'memory hog' - below 700m, there is GC happening every time anything happens, and sometimes when nothing is happening
      1. Probably need to investigate and find what all is using memory and if improvements can be made
    3. One problem was found and fixed in USPS-core→QueryBuilderFactoryImpl - performance bug was fixed in USAS over 4 years ago, never made it to ours
      1. Perhaps a 'side-by-side' comparison/audit of shared but duplicated code should be performed to ensure both packages have all fixes/improvements applied
    4.  Roughly 2/3 of our Views use an 'employee.deleted = false' query by default to exclude deleted Employee data
      1. This becomes a performance problem, particularly with entities such as PayrollItem
      2. At the very least, I believe an index should be added to the 'deleted' property on Employee to speed things up
    1. import reported malformed xml for the following districts
      1. Central Local
      2. ESCLEW
    2. Specifically it reported there was no closing tag for the <FirstV40PayrollDate> element
    3. in the extract this element was on two separate lines
    4. manually removing the line break (putting all data on one line) fixed the issue
    5. not sure if the data in this field in classic is actually a line break character causing the issue??
  7. Docker manual volume removal
    1. Anyway to figure out why some district docker instances require manual volume removal?
  8. Soap service contractor tests are now failing due to EMIS Contractor Module not being installed
    1. Not sure what changed (perhaps changes to ModuleManger and FeatureService??) but module needs programmatically installed prior to these tests

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