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Discussion Items

  1. While attempting to post a payroll using Edon's data it threw an error (PayeePayablesLedger.payee: may not be null).  I traced this back to the PayablesListener which creates the PayeePayableLedger from the HistoricalEmployeePay's historicalPayrollItem.payrollItem.configuration.payee.  Edon has two PayrollItemConfigurations that do not have a Payee assigned (codes 529 and 533) which are both annuity types.  Should we require a Payee on a PayrollItemConfiguration?
  2. I think it would be helpful to add PayGroup code and description on the Position detail view (along with Employee info in the header?). 
  3. (Greg) I don't think that Payments->Payee is working properly. 
    1. It allows a reconciled check to be voided - is this right? (double check this)
    2. It sets the payment to voided, but the Voided Date does not change.
    3. Highlight view of payment transaction does not update after Void button clicked.
  4. I have noticed that there are ComboBoxes for Employee selection in our app that should be replaced with EmployeeComboBox which will query as you type.  A few examples:
    1. PayrollPaymentsCurrentDetail
    2. PayrollPaymentFutureDataCollaborator
    3. AttendanceCreateViewer
  5. Gradle wrapper versions for all projects; shouldn't they all be the same?
    1. Common is using 2.14.1
    2. VUI is using 2.14.1
    3. USPS-Core is using 2.12
    4. USPS-App is using 2.12
  6. (Greg) MassChange feature improvements USPSR-2345  (as 120?) (seems useful will gets Dave's opinion on prioritizing)
    1. Ability to delete definitions
    2. Ability to control access via 'sharing with role' capability (similar to report definitions)
    3. IMO an interface similar to ReportManagerView is warranted
  7. (Greg) Bugs found (using JUnit data):
    1. EmployeeBioComponent.groovy assumes existence of Leaves on employee and throws Exception if null Leaves
    2. EmployeeDashboard - if Employee being displayed happens to be Concealed/Deleted, the corresponding Grids don't show the detail
      1. the Grids' 'Show concealed' option could be set automatically in this situation
    3. Should StandardCustomFields be allowed to be deleted?  It throws exception, but maybe they should be greyed out?
      1. Should they be editable?  Currently you can change them.
      2. We feel an activate / inactivate button should be added to the grid since custom fields cannot be deleted once data is stored. Need to discuss with USAS / support prior to making the change. 
    4. Receiving seemingly random widgetset error again
      1. Widgetset 'ssdtAddonsWidgetset' does not contain implementation for FormLayout1_groovyProxy. Check its component connector's @Connect mapping, widgetsets GWT module
        description file and re-compile your widgetset. In case you have downloaded a vaadin add-on package, you might want to refer to add-on instructions.

    5. AffordReportView - if more than 20 PayGroups are selected, the report header becomes too large to fit and fails with exception:
      1. Report design not valid : 1. The 'group_1477_' group footer section, the title, the page and column headers and footers and the margins do not fit the first page height. Report design not valid :
        1. The 'group_1477_' group footer section, the title, the page and column headers and footers and the margins do not fit the first page height.

  8. (Greg) PaymentsView - added more information to HighlightViewer
      1. Should this information be here or should we utilize View column in Grid, or both?
  9. (Greg) JUnit Testing 
    1. I found a fair number of Tests that aren't actually testing anything.
    2. The pattern is:
      1. transactionManager.withTransaction or securityManager.asSystemUser closures located in the "then:" block
      2. multiple "==" lines (not assertions)
    3. As long as the LAST in the list of "==" lines is true, and there were no exceptions or failed assertions, the test passes
    4. Examples(one example for each of us :|):  QuarterReportTest, PayrollResultsRepositoryTest, PayrollServiceIntegrationTest, RightRepositoryTest
    5. See attached PDF  Testing Problem.pdf
    6. What is the purpose of wrapping read-only transactions this way in the first place?
  10. EMIS related fields do not allow selection of valid values based upon the field code.  For example, position code is a text box and doesn't provide any help for valid position codes.
  11. I(Marc) canot use the app. Both v16 and default. See stack trace attached.  stacktrace.txt
  12. Discuss with Dave, USAS, support whether we should "teach" the highlight viewer how to scroll by default. Currently items are truncated if there is not enough screen real estate to show them. This will become more prominent on smaller screens (i.e. mobile)

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