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Discussion Items

  1. CacheConcurrencyStrategy.NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE question
    1. An exception was occurring: 'error getting nested property value' - 'unable to resolve owner of loading collection (payAmountsPaid) for second level caching
      1. The full text of the Exception is attached to this Discussion Page
    2. This occurred (is still occurring on default branch) when viewing highlight details for certain Payments in PaymentView
    3. HistoricalEmployeePay.getRetirementCredit called HistoricalPositionPay.getRetireHours which uses HistoricalPositionPay.payAmountsPaid
    4. The HistoricalPositionPay.payAmountsPaid property (Set) is marked with CacheConcurrencyStrategy.NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE
      1. The vast majority of the time, this annotation is applied to Entities
      2. There are 3 occurrences of the annotation on properties, 2 in HistoricalPositionPay and 1 in HistoricalPayAmount 
    5. Is the Annotation correct?  
    6. Do we need to look into this more to prevent future problems?
  2. Payroll/PayGroup status icons on PayrollView and PayrollDetailView pages
    1. When the number of InProgress payrolls in PayrollView or the number of PayGroups in PayrollDetailView exceed a small number, performance suffers
    2. The reason is that the calls to check on the status of each row so that the proper icon can be displayed becomes unreasonable
    3. This causes the UI to be sluggish and causes Exceptions when you try to start another change while the statuses are still being determined
    4. Proposal A: Refactor batchJobService calls to be more efficient
    5. Proposal B: Add a 'refresh' button to refresh statuses rather than doing it constantly in the background
  3. PollingHelper questions:
    1. Can two PollingHelper tasks be running at the same time?
    2. What happens if a PollingHelper updateTask takes longer than the interval?
  4. Payroll Error report Working??
    1. see
    2. pay group failures occurred for in-progress payrolls, but no error report is listed
    3. I thought we corrected this
  5. Review Andrea Boehm's reported compensation modification error.




Sprint 136:

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