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  • Retrospective
  • Demos of Completed Work
  • Discussion Items
  • Identify and estimate work for this Sprint


Discussion Items

  1. What should happen when undoing a payroll?
    1. Should this be a VOID or an UNPOST?
    2. How should this affect Payroll, HistoricalPayroll and related entities?
  2. Delete of paygroup from in-progress pay needs to be looked at. It does not appear to actually update the payroll.
    1. Tested on http://ssdt-dev-08:8080/usps.web-
    2. PROBLEM 1
      1. Trying to initialize pay for 07/30/2015, pay group 9 failed apparently due to this error found in log: EmployeePay netPayToDistribute does not equal distributedTotal for Employee: BUL000010
      2. Legacy did not have this error
    3. PROBLEM 2
      1. Removed pay group, but no updates occurred I.e. pay report button did not appear
      2. updated all pay groups
  3. Payroll concurrent modification error
    1. We have seen this exception thrown both when a payroll is initialized and when the "update payroll" option is used.  USPSR-1896 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. Discuss whether a LazyTabSheet class should be created to lazily load tabs that have not been entered.


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