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Discussion Items

  1. The Reports->Detail menu item was not showing in the menu.  Apparently, TapestryMenuItem cannot handle the 'IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY' value.
    1. To fix the immediate issue, the 'IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY was removed so that anyone can access the page.
      1. I made sure that a logged in user cannot access anything they don't have permissions for and that a non-logged in person cannot access the page at all
    2. Should we create an issue to fix the problem with 'IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY'?  (USAS has several menu items that appear to not be working for this same reason)
      1. First of all, if non-logged in users cannot access the page anyways, do we even need this value?
      2. If we do need it, since Tapestry is (hopefully sooner rather than later) going away, should we spend the time to fix it?
    3. Does the Reports->Detail menu item really need a permission?  If so, what should it be?
      1. Matt indicated that perhaps a specialized permission would be in order.
    4. PositionPersonnel and EmployeePersonnel are not getting picked up by the Detail report interface
      1. We need a way (annotation?) to specify that PositionPersonnel and EmployeePersonnel be treated as an Entity?

  2. Date field query filters are not implemented properly and are failing (Issue USPSR-1754)
    1. The column header filters are meant to be processed as the user types
    2. When the user types a '1' for instance, this is not enough information to determine a date
    3. Two options occur to me:
      1. Wait until the user has typed enough information for a full date, otherwise do no filtering
      2. Try to be 'smart'.    examples:
        1. for '5', assume the 5th day of current month and current year
        2. for 5/20 assume May 20th of current year
        3. for 5/2014 assume May of 2014, any day
          1. this is where it gets 'sticky' ...


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