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Discussion Items

  • I think I found a small bug. When creating an Employee with the button I added, it throws a severe error (ReadOnlyException). It is happening on Created Date property. We might need to change how we are handling these. I believe they are created on save, but Vaadin doesn't seem to like that since the property is readOnly
  • There are several instances in VUI security where the default response is 'true'.  Is this the correct response?
    • in VUIHelper.canAccess, if a PermissionsHandler cannot be found, canAccess results in true
    • in ModelPermissionsHandler, if no VUIPermission annotation is found in the component tree, canAccess results in true
    • in ViewPermissionHandler, if no VUIPermission annotation is found, isAccessGranted results in true
  • W2 report is throwing NPE when running with IRN 047068
  • VUIFieldGroup - buildAndBind method is filtering out read only fields.  Preventing pay group code from displaying in edit, detail, and create
    • Is this filtering correct?  Shouldn't read only fields be displayed UPDATE - this appears to have been fixed
    • Also, pay group code needs to be entered for create.  How to enable read only property for create only?


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