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Discussion Items

The "Batch Job Status" as displayed in the Payroll listing shows a red, yellow or green icon indicator.

  • If the status was "Unknown" or non-existent, a "broken link" was resulting - this issue has been resolved to show a red (failure) icon.
  • This batch job information is stored in the "batch_job_*" tables.
  • Imported payrolls will not have an associated record in these tables, hence are marked as failures.

?? - Does it make sense for this batch status to be stored on file indefinitely?

?? - How should we handle the status for imported payrolls?


The queryForm cannot handle a query for Position.number on Payroll Payments - Current page

  • Attempting to query EmployeePay.positionPay.position.number
  • It gets placed on the query form and executes without an error but it does not filter the results.
  • Can this handle a query into a Collection?


Andy's comments about USPSR-1423 within code review USPSRCR-1223

  • Handle null expenditure account id with exception instead of passing it to USAS
  • Should we also store the payrollAccountId?


When initializing/populating a new payroll, as soon as you arrive at the 'payroll detail' page, the menu loses most of it's options (not always, but easily reproducible).

This is due to the fact that when the menu service looks up the Principal credentials, instead of something like
"Principal: admin; Credentials: [PROTECTED]; Authenticated: true; Details: (plus a LONG list of rights)"
I begin getting
"<local.shepherd> [LOCAL$_SYSTEM]"

It seems to me that somehow the batch processing setting is overriding the user's session info, or else the menu service isn't grabbing the correct session when testing permissions.

The MenuService.buildHtml is called with a "request" parameter.
I have tested this parameter by outputting the userPrincipal object in the two places where MenuService.buildHtml is called:
request.getUserPrincipal() in USPS-app/web/webapp/layouts/hmenu.jps
requestGlobals.getHTTPServletRequest().userPrincipal in USPS-app/web/src/org/ssdt_ohio/usps/web/tap/components/Layout.groovy

The above checks yield the results above as soon as the payroll is intialized and moves to the payroll detail page.

In earlier tests, the permissions appeared to toggle back and forth several times while the batch processing was happening, but I have not proved this to be the case in my latter tests.

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