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  • pay per period is now always calculated manual overriding is not allowed.
  • You cannot import into USPS-R when NEWCNT information is inprogress. If you do you will have to recreate the contracts in USPS-R (the information will not be imported)
  • In legacy you could manually override a calculated daily or hourly rate on JOBSCN. In USPS-R if the values to calculate the unit amount are present the calculated rate will always be used (no manual override allowed).
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  1. The employee quick search was removed in JIRA issue USPSR-881.

  2. USPSR-1006

    Removed the following properties from Leave object:

    • leaveAccum
    • specialLeaveAccum
    • annivDate
  3. USPSR-1160

    The maximum deduction amounts on payroll items are no longer editable due to the change of the embedded object that holds the amount requiring a start date.  Since information cannot be given or derived for the start date this field will remain view only.