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  • USAS-R SOAP Schema and Behavioral Changes
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The following are schema or behavioral changes which affect the USAS SOAP service and may be of interest to 3rd party developers.

Schema Changes

  • Added Partial_Cancel and Full_Cancel to InvoiceItemPostTypeOptions.  These enum values will not be used or returned until USAS-R is deployed.
  • Added "uuid" attribute to RequisitionItemType,  PurchaseOrderItemType, InvoiceItemType, ReceiptItemType, RefundItemType, and CheckItemType.  The UUID must be in a valid uuid format.
  • Enlarged the following maxInclusive from 999999 to 99999999: VendorNoType, CheckNoType, ReceiptNoType, RefundNoType
  • Enlarged the following maxInclusive from 9999999 to 99999999: PurchaseOrderNoType
  • Enlarged the Quantity field on requisitions and purchase orders from 9,999.999 to 999,999.999
  • Enlarged the Unit Price field on requisitions and purchase orders from 9,999,999.9999 to 999,999,999,999,999.9999
  • Changed maximum on requisition items, purchase order items, and invoice items from 99 to unbounded.
  • Added VendorInvoiceDate attribute to the Invoice.  This is an optional field of type string.

Behavioral Changes

  • getUserInfoDetails and getUserProfile will no longer return the account filters.
  • The "last check number" will no longer be returned as part of the PurchaseOrder or PurchaseOrderHeaders results documents.
  • Vendor "Email Address" will become a read-only field for the SOAP service.  Any value passed on an add or update operation will be ignored.
  • For the Vendor name, the "default PO address" will be returned in the normal name/address/phone/fax fields.  The "default Check address" will be returned in the check name/address/phone fields.  In each case, if there is a name1 and/or name2, that will be returned, otherwise the vendor's "primary name" will be returned.
  • Purchase order status query for "Future" is no longer functional.  You can search by entered date instead to replicate this search. 
  • Query by check type parameter will only allow a single check type to be queried at a time.
  • Fault message codes currently returned by COBOL back end will no longer be supported.
  • Many of the configuration flags in the UsasOptions element of DistrictInfo will no longer be supported via SOAP.  These will be replaced by modules or "rules" in USAS-R.
    • TrackRequisitions (replaced by installed/uninstalled status of preencumbrance module)
    • CheckReqAmtReqs - replaced by rules
    • CheckReqAmtPOs - replaced by rules
  • USAS-R is a single-tenant application, therefore each SOAP end-point is unique per school district, therefore:
    • getDistrictList() is deprecated and will always return a single district code "DISTRICT"
    • setDistrictAccess() is deprecated.   The operation takes no action if invoked. 
  • changePassword() will no longer be supported via the SOAP service.
  • The following methods to get account history information will no longer be supported via the SOAP service:
    • readCashAccountHist(), readAppropAccountHist(), readBudgetAccountHist(), readRevenueAccountHist, readCashAccountHistAllYears, readAppropAccountHistAllYears(), readBudgetAccountHistAllYears(), readRevenueAccountHistAllYears()
  • postAmendPurchaseOrder will not be supported via the SOAP service.
  • assumeUserProfile behaves differently.  Under Classic the user profile effectively only assumed the account filters of the user profile. Under Redesign, the complete user profile is impersonated which includes filters and security roles.   Therefore, the target user must also hold the appropriate permissions needed by the integration.  Further, the profile must be enabled and non expired.  
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