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Version 2.2.2

Backend changes to improve reliability of loading of master file.  No changes to user features or interface.

Version 2.1.1

Corrected harmless error message that occurred when using an interactive search which match no students.

Version 2.1.0

The matching process now provides a "Program" field indicating the public assistance program for which the child qualified. The new field will contain either "OWF" or "SNAP":

  • For interactive searches, the "Program" will be displayed in the "Match Results"
  • For uploaded files, the results file will contain a new column called "program"

Version 2.0.3

Version 2 of the CNDC application is a major upgrade.  New and improved features include:

  • Significant performance improvement.   Thousands of students per second can be matched.
  • The results file is now returned to the user in essentially the same format as the upload file.  The system preserves the order and number of fields in the user's import file.  The user may now include any additional fields desired and they will be returned in the results.  Optional fields not included in the import file are not added to the results file.  
  • The results file no longer contains a  "Match Type" field.  Instead, a "Matches" column is provide which indicates the actual fields that matched.
  • Synonym (Alias) matching for first names and parent first names:  Common aliases and diminutives are converted into authoritative names (.e.g "Dave" = "David", "Bill" = "William").  This is more effective than a "sounds like" match (which has been removed). 
  • The Matching routine no longer considers which fields are included in the import file to determine which fields to match. The user may now include all fields in the import without affecting the matching logic.  
  • The User interface has been cleaned up and made more consistent.
  • Other "Date" formats for dateofbirth are now supported.
  • "Search": A new tab has been added which allows user to search for individual students.

Version 1.1.0 (27-Jul-2011)

  • Performance enhancements
  • Prevented "Null Pointer Exception" when 'dateofbirth' is not provided.
  • Improved master file updating process

Version 1.0.1 (10-Apr-2011)

  • Improve performance (CNDC-36):
    • Matching logic has been improved to delegate more criteria to the database
    • Significantly reduced memory requirements
  • Application could hang when downloading results due to transaction handling. (CNDC-36)

Version 1.0.0 (04-Apr-2011)

  • Handle import of file with excess tab(s) at end of record (CNDC-34)
  • Improve validation of input file by verify that file is tab-delimited and contains minimum number of columns. (CNDC-33)
  • Add date of last Master file update to interface (CNDC-35)

Version 0.4-RC (07-Mar-2011)

  • Revised headers of results file. The column names of the results file now match the column names of the input file. (CNDC-30)
  • The 'dateofbirth' field has been formatted as 'mm/dd/yyyy' to be more palatable to Excel. Previously, the date included the "time" portion of the date which caused Excel to interpret the column as a Time instead of date. (CNDC-31)

Version 0.3-RC (07-Mar-2011)

  • Performance improvements to "Matching Process". The matching process still takes longer than expected but has been improved significantly. (CNDC-28)
  • User interface has been modified to provide feedback during matching process and prevent session timeout. After uploading, the user will be directed to a "In Progress" page. The Progress page will update regularly while the matching process is executing. Upon completion, the user will be presenting with buttons to download the results.  The session will remain active so long as the user does not navigate away from the results page. (CNDC-28)
  • Change to Results output (CNDC-29):
    • Now contains a single report of all matches. The "Match Type" and "Match Code" are now included on each row of the report. This permits easier automatic processing of the report and sorting/filtering of the results in Excel.
    • The word "null" is no longer included in results for empty fields.
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