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Years ago, the SSDT had an informal "advocacy" program.  Individual users and support personnel who had extensive experience and, in some cases, special training with State Software were named "State Software Advocates".  These individuals were encouraged to spread information, news and training in their region of Ohio.   The program never really went very far and, in the intervening years, the SSDT relied on individual ITC's as our primary advocates. 

With increased interest in the USAS and USPS Redesign projects and inconsistent participation of ITC's, the SSDT is interested in identifying individuals who are willing to help spread the word about the Redesign in both formal and informal settings.  If you would like the to put "State Software Advocate" after your title send mail to . Please include a brief description of your background, and knowledge and interest regarding the Redesign.   

This, of course, is an entirely volunteer (unpaid) position, but also does not come with any specific commitments or obligations.  Being an advocate means that you have demonstrated sufficient knowledge and interest in State Software that the SSDT trusts you to speak on our behalf to the user community. 

Current Advocates

Vickie Browning-ProwittTreasurer/CFOLisbon EVSDNortheast Ohio



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