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Welcome to the SSDT shared reports library.

Contains USPS template reports created and shared by other users which can be downloaded and used in your local application.  The Example are mainly PDF

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Per pay Reports

Title (downloadable rpd-json file)ExampleDescription
Current Pay Report.rpd-jsonClick HereSummary of Payroll information in Payroll Payments - Current. Sorted by Name.
Deduction History Report (SSN) 403b(a).rpd-jsonClick HereCreates a CSV file containing information needed for common remitter. When running report, enter Payroll Item code(s) and date range for payroll dates to include in file.
Future Pay Report by Pay Group.rpd-jsonClick HerePayroll Future report. Sorted and totaled by pay group. Used to help balance exceptions in payroll. (We are aware there is a $ before the first unit number and are working on correcting this within the software)
Child Support.rpd-jsonClick HereLists employees with amounts deducted for Child Support Pay Items. Shows amounts for each pay date included in date range entered with a subtotal per employee. (We are aware there are comma's in the case number and flip code and are working to correct this within the software)

Monthly Reports

Title (downloadable rpd-json file)ExampleDescription

Quarterly Reports

Title (downloadable rpd-json file)ExampleDescription

FYE-Based Reports

Title (downloadable rdp-json file)ExampleDescription
New Contract Compensation Worksheet.rpd-jsonClick HereThe report pulls information into an Excel Worksheet from the Employee's current Compensation Contract record. Headers that would be needed for the New Contract Import are written into the worksheet so districts can modify and use to import new contracts.
New Contract Payroll Accounts & Original Pay Account.rpd-jsonClick HereSummary of records in New Contracts page that also shows their current Payroll Accounts since these do not show in New Contract. Districts requested a way to see accounts easily to help with updates.

CYE-Based Reports

Title (downloadable rdp-json file)ExampleDescription
OAPSE Report.rpd-jsonClick HereOAPSE union requests of specific employee information. Contains position description, primary email, home phone.
Detailed Contract Compensation.rpd-jsonClick HereList employees with their position and detailed compensation information for Contract Compensations only. Includes YTD earnings. (The sample report has the Active parameter selected)

EMIS Related Reports

Title (downloadable rdp-json file)      ExampleDescription
EMIS List.rpd-jsonClick HereLists employees with their compensation and position flags. Also lists an employee's position information

Miscellaneous Reports

Title (downloadable rdp-json file)ExampleDescription
Absence-Attendance Report by Employee Name.rpd-jsonClick HereAbsence or Attendance Report similar to Classic ABS101. Sort and subtotal by full name then leave category. Also includes Leave Balances.
Certified Rehired Retirees.rpd-jsonClick HereLists certified employees with their rehired retiree flags marked true. Report also includes date employee was rehired.
Classified Rehired Retirees.rpd-jsonClick HereLists classified employees with their rehired retiree flags marked true. Report also includes date employee was rehired
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