The Redesign Technical Setup and Migration Guide is a general advice and step by step guide that describes how to migrate from SSDT Classic Software to the Redesign. 

ARF/EIS Status


Work on the Accounts Receivable Module is underway.  This module is scheduled to be completed for summer of 2020.


Work on the Inventory Module (Classic's EIS program) is scheduled to begin after the Accounts Receivable Module has been made available.  The Inventory Module is scheduled to be completed summer of 2021.  However, we have written a program for the Classic system to take an extract from the Redesign and apply the data to the Classic EIS pending file.  Users will be able to migrate to the Redesign for USAS and continue to use Classic's EIS program.  Click here for detailed information on how to get the inventory information from the Redesign into Classic EIS.  

Implementation Status

Please see the Current List of Districts & Status to see a comprehensive list of school districts along with their ITC, implementation status and the wave they are scheduled to migrate from Classic to Redesign.

The following terminology is used to determine where in the implementation process the entity is currently at:

  • Implementing: The ITC is running test imports and balancing reports on the entity.  The district and ITC are working to schedule dates to begin dual processing and go live.
  • Paralleling: The entity is inputting all production transactions into both Classic and Redesign.
  • Live: The entity is using Redesign for production processing; no parallel processing is being performed;  Classic is available in 'read-only' mode.

Certification Process

In order to go-live with the Redesign, an entity must complete a Wave Certification Questionnaire.  The entity must follow a Certification process to obtain approval from their ITC and SSDT.  Key parts of the certification process are that the entity must attest that:

  • all required training needs have been successfully fulfilled
  • all required reports and third-party integration needs have been tested and validated
  • Classic data has been successfully imported into the Redesign and verified
  • a parallel processing period has been successfully performed with Classic and Redesign with results compared and reconciled
  • at least one payroll has been completed with no significant exceptions.

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