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March 2018

Update on First Wave Districts

Some of the first wave districts started their dual-processing period the beginning of February with additional districts starting this month.  The SSDT has made continuous improvements and enhancements based on first wave feedback.  We greatly appreciate the efforts our first wave districts and their supporting ITCs have made! 

Documentation Videos and Crosswalks

SSDT is continually updating and improving the on-line Redesign documentation.  We have created various crosswalks throughout the documentation, many of them printable so you can easily associate the Redesign programs with their Classic counterparts.  For example, at the beginning of the Report chapter in the USAS-R manual, there is a link to print a crosswalk of the SSDT Template Reports with the names of the Classic reports they replaced.  You will also see mini-videos throughout the documentation manual.  The videos are designed to help step you through a program's options/features.  For example, the purchase order chapter in USAS-R contains a video on how to create a purchase order.  The videos were created to be simple, concise and just a few minutes in length.  We are in the process of moving the video links to the top of the chapters for easy reference.  For example under the ACH Destination chapter in the USPS-R manual, the video link is denoted with an arrow (example below).    You will then need to click on the 'here' link to view the video.

Custom Fields in USXS-R

A Custom Field is a district-defined field.  For example, you can create a custom field to mark if a vendor's W9 is on file.  Once the custom field is created, it will be available for use in the program.  Custom fields can be added to your grid by selecting the field under the MORE option as well as included on custom reports. 

In addition to creating custom fields, you can also customize a 'user-defined' field imported from Classic.  For example, if you are using user-defined fields in Classic for a specific purpose, they will be imported into the Redesign.  You can then rename the field names to better define them.

Listed below are two examples of Custom Field usage:

  1. Renaming a Classic User-Defined field in the Redesign
    • In BIOSCN, in the 'User Defined Fields' section, I have data entered for ACA reporting in  'Code 1', 'Code 2', and 'Text' fields.   

    • This data will be imported into the Redesign under the 'Standard Personnel' section of the Employee record under 'Personnel Code 1', 'Personnel Code 2' and 'Personnel Text 1' field names.


    • Under SYSTEM/Custom Field Definition, I can query these field names and edit each of them, changing the 'Display Name' and 'Property Name' fields to field names that better identify them.   


2. Creating a custom field and using it in the system.

    • In order to track if a W9 is on file, create a custom field and place it in the '1099' section of the vendor record.


    • Under SYSTEM/'Custom Field Definitions', click on 'Create' to create the custom field.  



    • Custom Field can be added to the grid via the MORE option.


    • Custom Field can be included on a custom report.

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Useful links:

Redesign Feedback Email

If you have any questions on the Redesign, please email the SSDT at the following:

Public Demo Instances Available

The Redesign's Production Release is available for the public. The demo instances contain anonymized training data allowing you to experiment with the Redesign software!  Just a reminder, these are shared public instances so you should not enter any sensitive data that you would not want others to see.

USAS-R Production Demo: 

USPS-R Production Demo:

These databases will be periodically reset.  In our User documentation, the USAS Appendix includes 'processing guides' on how to create accounts, vendors, transactions, etc.  The USPS Appendix includes steps on how to add a new employee and process a payroll, etc.  You are more than welcome to use these processing guides to assist in experimenting with the demo instances.

If you wish to experience USAS-R or USPS-R with your own district's data, please contact your ITC and request they install an instance of the Production Release for you.

Upcoming Redesign Events

For those of you attending the OASBO Annual Workshop next month in Columbus, a demonstration of the Redesign will be held before the conference begins on Tuesday afternoon, April 17th from 12:30-3:30 in rooms C170-172. Also, on Wednesday the 18th, a 'First Wave Panel Discussion' will be held from 1:00-2:00 in room D280. First Wave Redesign users will share their experiences with the Redesign software. A representative from SSDT will also be on hand to answer any questions. Please visit OASBO's website for more information regarding these sessions.

ITC Redesign Regional Training

Redesign training has been scheduled for ITC Fiscal support staff. SSDT is providing regional hands-on training to ITC Fiscal Support staff only this Spring at the following locations:

  • SWOCA April 25th - 27th
  • NCOCC May 2nd - May 4th
  • NEONET May 9th - May 11th
  • META Columbus May 29th - 31st

ITC Fiscal Support staff who have not registered or who would like more details can click on the SSDT Training page for more information.

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