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January/February 2018

...And We're Off!

The production version of the Redesign was released on January 11th.  The version number for Classic USAS is 6.1 and Classic USPS is 4.2.  Since the Redesign is an upgrade of the Classic system, the first production release version number for USAS-R is 7.0 and USPS-R is 5.0.  Click on USAS-R 7.0 and USPS-R 5.0 for detailed release notes on the production versions that have been released so far.

The first wave production sites are comprised of 3 ITCs and 8 school districts.  The first wave time frame is between January and June meaning each first wave site can begin production operations at any time during the six-month window.  Production operations involve each site attaining a 'Pre-Production Certification' requiring them to perform dual-processing in both Classic and the Redesign for at least one clean payroll and one month's financial processing.  The certification ensures that district personnel clearly understand the new system, have the associated business processes in place and have validated that no data or software exceptions exist.

The table below summarizes the current implementation plan for the Redesign's production wave.

Production WaveInvolvedWave Period

1st Wave

3 Pilot ITCs and 8 School Districts01/01/2018 - 06/30/2018

2nd Wave

Any Interested ITCs and up to 40 School Districts07/01/2018 - 12/31/2018

3rd Wave

Any Remaining ITCs and up to 70 School Districts01/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
4th WaveUp to 84 School Districts07/01/2019 - 12/31/2019
Subsequent Production Waves will occur in 6-month cycles with up to 90 School Districts each wave

As the first wave sites start up on the Redesign, SSDT will keep you apprised of their progress in subsequent newsletters.  

Ta-da! Report Generation from the Grids!

Generating a report in the Redesign has been made even easier!  Many of the interfaces in both USAS & USPS Redesign have a Report button located at the top of the grid.  The  button will automatically include all columns from your grid, pulling data based on what you entered on the filter row.  For example, you can generate a quick report of active 1099 vendors.   After filtering your data, click on .

The 'Generate Report' box will appear.  Format your report with your desired settings and name it however you wish.

Click on   to generate your report.  If you would like to save the the filtering/settings you selected for future report generation, enter a name in the 'Save As' field and the report will be saved under your Report Manager grid. 

From the Report Manager grid you can use  to generate a new report whenever you want.  You can also use options like:

  •   to edit the details of the report (removing columns, filtering it further, etc).
  •  to change the report name, description or enter a tag. 
  •    to delete the report if you don't plan on using it for future report generation
  •   to download the report and email your custom report settings to others.   
  •    to share the report to users with a specific role
  •  checkmark the 'Favorite' box to include it as a favorite.  Your favorite reports are automatically displayed at the home page when you first log into the Redesign.

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Useful links:

Redesign Feedback Email

If you have any questions on the Redesign, please email the SSDT at the following:

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Public Demo Instances Available

The Redesign's Production Release is available for the public. The demo instances contain anonymized training data allowing you to experiment with the Redesign software!  Just a reminder, these are shared public instances so you should not enter any sensitive data that you would not want others to see.

USAS-R Production Demo: 

USPS-R Production Demo:

These databases will be periodically reset.  In our User documentation, the USAS Appendix includes 'processing guides' on how to create accounts, vendors, transactions, etc.  The USPS Appendix includes steps on how to add a new employee and process a payroll, etc.  You are more than welcome to use these processing guides to assist in experimenting with the demo instances.

If you wish to experience USAS-R or USPS-R with your own district's data, please contact your ITC and request they install an instance of the Production Release for you.

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