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Redesign Reports

The June edition of the newsletter features the Redesign reports available in both USAS-R & USPS-R.  Many of the Classic reports have transitioned to template or canned reports in the Redesign and can be found under the Home or REPORTS/Report Manager menu options.  Many USPS-R reports are generated during the payroll process... just like they were in Classic.  With feedback and input from Treasurers, their staff, ITC personnel, as well as auditors and the UAT group, the SSDT has the necessary reports to assist districts with their daily processing.  And, we are continually enhancing reports by adding new parameters and other features to them.  Listed below are just a few of the frequently used reports in USAS-R and USPS-R.  Also please note the 'Viewpoint' located on the right side of the newsletter regarding the feedback we have received from districts who are currently using the Redesign reports.

USAS-R Reports

USAS-R has 72 template reports and counting!!  The frequently used 'USARPT' reports in Classic are available in the Redesign and the PDF versions looks very similar to the Classic reports, if not better (Classic BUDLED vs Redesign Budget Activity Report.... hands down Redesign's version is so much easier to read!)  Click here to see a crosswalk of all template reports available in USAS-R and their Classic counterpart.  A few of Classic's most frequently used reports and the Redesign version are listed below.  Click on one of the Redesign reports to view a sample report.

Redesign ReportFormatClassic Report
Budget Account ActivityPDFBUDLED
Budget Expense Worksheet EXCELBUDWRK
Budget SummaryPDFBUDSUM
Cash Summary (Options page included)PDFFINSUMM
Disbursement Summary Report (Options page included)PDFCHEKPY
Financial Detail Reports July 1st Cash Balances (Options page included)PDFFINDET
Purchase Order DetailPDFPODETL
Revenue Account ActivityPDFREVLED
Revenue SummaryPDFREVSUM
Receipt LedgerPDFRECLED's Receipt

USPS-R Reports

The USPS-R reports used during the payroll process are listed conveniently on the Payroll Processing Detail page so that users can work their way down the line as they verify and balance payroll data.

The Redesign’s version of the Pay Report includes information previously found on Classic’s PAYRPT, INICAL, and DEDTOT reports. The Payroll Item Detail report corresponds to the DEDDET that Classic creates during the payroll calculation process but has been upgraded to allow users to elect to run the report for specific deduction codes and even regenerate the report for previous pays.

USPS-R also contains the ability to generate the reports and tape files necessary for State, Federal, and Retirement Reporting. The Retirement reports contain all of the information from Classic reports with a nice clean look. The STRS Report can even be submitted to STRS directly through the report creation page. USPS-R is fully equipped with the AFFORD Report, ODJFS Report, ODJFS New Hire, CRDC Report, and W2 Report and Submission. At the end of Calendar Year 2018, 21 sites utilized files created in Redesign for their W2 printing and employer tax reporting. Additionally, nearly 70 districts are set to begin their Fiscal Year end reporting process using the Redesign’s STRS Advance Report. 

Click here for a crosswalk of Classic to Redesign Report. Click on one of the Redesign Reports below to view a sample report.

Redesign ReportFormatClassic Report
Pay Report


Pay Item DetailPDFDEDDET

SERS Per Pay Report



Job Calendar ReportPDFCALRPT
Earnings RegisterPDFERNREG
Leave Balance ReportPDFBENRPT

Coming Soon...

In addition to the full range of standard reports available in Redesign, a Shared Custom Reports Library is also in the works. Members of the State Software Advisory Committee and other volunteers from across the state are currently collaborating on this project. The Redesign offers a complex custom report writing tool that districts can use to create or modify reports. The Shared Custom Reports Library will allow districts to share their customized reports and easily download report definitions that others have shared. The Shared Custom Reports Library is expected to be available later this summer.

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Viewpoint: Redesign Districts on Reports

"The migration from Classic to Redesign has been a welcomed process.  I would like districts contemplating the migration to the Redesign to feel assured that the day-to-day reports we utilized in Classic to process payroll, accounts payable, and financial reports have been created by SSDT as standard reports available to all districts.  On occasion, we have had the need for a few custom reports for which our ITC has assisted in creating.  We are now generating reports in Redesign with greater features than Classic and a more professional look for our end users."

  • Biagio Sidoti, Treasurer, North Royalton City Schools 

"I have been using the Redesign since March and have been very impressed with the reports that are available. The thing I appreciate the most about them is that the reports are flexible. If you want different information on the reports or a different look to them, you are able to create a customized report using the Custom Report Creator. You can then save the report definition and add tags to them for future use. For example, I have a customized Financial Detail Report that I send monthly to our FFA chapter, so I tagged the report “FFA”.  I have other tags saved for the reports I send to the board and reports that I run monthly. My ITC has also been very willing to tweak some of the reports that I frequently use to make them the way I like them. I send the Financial Detail report, which is basically an improved FINDET, to activity advisors and the feedback that they have provided regarding the new report has been positive."

  • Chris Lee, Treasurer, Pettisville Local School District

"The redesigned state software is just like classic -- only so much better.  Job Calendars, New Contracts, and Appropriations are a breeze and the reports automatically generate in PDF format for ease of viewing, printing, or downloading to a location of your choice."

  • Vickie Browning-Prowitt, Treasurer, Lisbon Exempted Village Schools

"I absolutely love the account filters.  I am able to customize reports for each principal, department, grant, etc.  Whatever the need is, I can build it within the filters.  I can also update filters with changes over fiscal years and not have to recreate reports."

  • Sherri Samac, Treasurer, Painesville City Schools



Sites Live on Redesign


Total Wave 3 Sites


Participating ITCs


Total Districts Participating

Click here for more information on Wave participants and their current status

Did You Know?

Inventory Extracts in Redesign

Most of the current Redesign districts process inventory through Classic EIS.  SSDT created an extract in Redesign and the EISIMPR program in EIS allowing users to extract data from Redesign and import into the EIS pending file in Classic.  It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. In Redesign, generate the "Inventory Pending Extract" spreadsheet and file transfer to Classic
  2. Run EISIMPR, entering the spreadsheet filename. 
  3. Generate an EIS501 or view the pending file to review the newly added pending items.

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