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The following outlines the steps necessary to allow the Post Processing reports to be enhanced to include the local Student ID and name.

  • Java 1.5-7 JDK (aka SDK) needs to be installed on OpenVMS

    • This step should be completed by your Systems Administrator or your DBA.
      Each ITC must create a file named exactly as above and copy it to OECN$CUSTOM.  You will create this by completing a copy/paste of a section of the information found in your agent.cfg file for the Data Collector Agent.

    • Locate the <database>...</database> tags.  Everything between these tags needs to be included in the VRF_DATABASE.XML file you create.  Copy the information from the header <database> tag through the </database> tag  and paste the information to VRF_DATABASE.XML and save.

      Encrypted Passwords

      The EMISR_SSID procedure will not handle encrypted passwords.  If your ITC uses an encrypted password for the VRF User account, we recommend that you add a new user to your SQL Server with read-only access to the database and a plain text (alphanumeric) password.   Once you have the new username setup in your SQL Server, update the username and password values in the VRF_DATABASE.XML file accordingly.

    • ITC must place the VRF_DATABASE.XML file in OECN$CUSTOM without world access.  Included below is an example of what this file might contain, each ITC's file will have differing values.

       <property name="agent.db.minPoolSize" value="2"/>
       <property name="agent.db.maxPoolSize" value="10"/>
       <property name="agent.db.instanceName" value=""/>
       <property name="agent.db.type" value="SQL Server"/>
       <property name="agent.db.serverAddr" value="10.999.99.999"/>
       <property name="agent.db.databaseName" value="emisr_database"/>
       <property name="agent.db.serverPort" value="8888"/>
       <property name="agent.db.username" value="sif_rep"/>
       <property name="agent.db.password" value="password"/> 
       <property name="agent.db.test" value="SELECT COUNT(*) FROM VRF_ReportManifest"/>

    • Port number must be supplied in the xml file.  1433 may be used as a default port number.

      <property name="agent.db.serverPort" value="1433"/>
    • If there is a problem with the xml file, errors similar to the following will be generated:

      Caught: java.sql.SQLException: The syntax of the connection URL 'jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://some-value:/vrf_dc' is invalid.
      Caught: java.sql.SQLException: Unknown server host name 'some-value'.

      The unknown server host name indicates the VMS system is unable to resolve the server address or DNS hostname.  Either use a a hostname the VMS system can resolve or provide an IP address for the SQL server.

    • ITC’s may want to submit this routine to the scheduler so that it is run on a regular basis.
    • The account from which the procedure will be run needs to have Write access to the OECN$EMIS directory
    • This procedure uses the VRF_DATABASE.XML file to locate and process an SQL table on the EMIS-R server.   The SQL table contains the local student information for enhancing the reports.  The SQL table is processed into a tab-delimited file and then converted into an RMS indexed file, EMSRSTURVRS.IDX.  The resulting IDX file is placed in OECN$EMIS.  The file will contain all students processed through the ITC’s EMIS-R server.  The PROCESS_CSV procedure will then use the EMSRSTURVRS.IDX file for enhancing the EMIS-R ODE reports.
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