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Fiscal Year specific EMIS Logical

If your ITC is utilizing PROCESS_CSV, it will still be necessary to create a fiscal year specific EMIS logical to be used by the PROCESS_CSV procedure at the beginning of each fiscal year.

OECN$EMIS_fy  (fy is replaced with the last 2 digits of the current fiscal year)

The logical should be pointing the EMIS V3.0 executable directory on your system.  In the following example, "device:[emis30exe]" should be replaced with the appropriate directory specification for your system.

OECN$EMIS_fy Logical
DEFINE/SYSTEM OECN$EMIS_16 device:[emis30exe]



Pre EMIS-R (V3.0), the OECN$EMIS logical was always defaulted to the current OECN$EMIS_fy logical at the system level.  ITC's usually set this in a "startup" COM file. This may still be done if so desired (to avoid confusion).  However, it is not necessary to update this every year.  Beginning with OECN$EMIS_12, each succeeding OECN$EMIS_fy logical should be pointing to the same executable directory, the EMIS V3.0 executables.  If the OECN$EMIS logical is defaulted to OECN$EMIS_12 in the startup COM file, it should be pointing to the same location as OECN$EMIS_16.




The OECN$USPS_EMIS_FY logical is used by the USPS SIF Agent and USPS webapp to determine which year EMIS attendance information should be calculated for.  This logical should be updated to reflect the current fiscal year at the beginning of each Staff/Course (L) reporting window for the new reporting year.  This logical should not be updated for the current year until the prior years Staff reporting has been finalized/completed.

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