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This page contains links to documentation for setup, installation and management of SSDT Web-based Applications. These documents are intended for technical support staff who are configuring and managing the servers.

Architecture Overview

The SSDT Web Applications provide web-enabling features of existing State Software Applications. Currently, these are USAS, USPS and EMIS. The data files for the applications are RMS (ISAM) files on the OpenVMS server.

In order to provide access to the legacy data via a web interface, the SSDT has implemented an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) protocol called the 'OECN RPC Service'. OECN RPC is based on XML using several layered and open source software products. Java is then used to create a SOAP service layer on top of the OECN RPC service to provide a standards-based API interface to the target application. Finally, a Java web application provides the user interface functions.

Web Application Documents

The table below describes the documentation available for each layer of the application. Because of similarities in the applications, some documentation in common across multiple SSDT applications. Separate documents are provided when necessary to describe differences between applications.

It is important to follow the documentation in the correct order to build the entire environment. For example, you can not skip directly to the USAS Install Guide. The USAS Web application requires the correct J2EE environment and the J2EE environment is not useful unless the OECN RPC service is in place. On the other hand, once you have the environment built, all the applications can installed to the same infrastructure.


OECN VXS for OECN RPC Setup and Installation. Replacement for USP on Alpha and I64.


Describes the Java and J2EE environment required by the applications. This includes platform selection, installation and configuration.

SSDT Web Application Install Guide (Tomcat)

SSDT Web Application Install Guide (Glassfish)

Describes the process of installing a Web Archive (WAR file) into the J2EE container. The basic installation is identical for each application.

Application Specific Supplements:

Webapp Troubleshooting And Optimization

Supplementary documentation with trouble shooting and optimization tips for USP, OECN RPC and Java

Web Application Technical FAQ

FAQ and answers that have not yet found their proper home in the correct document.

Developer Guides

Documentation for programmers and third party developers interested in interfacing with State Software web services:

Jasper Reports

Information on using Jasper Reports with State Software and customizing form definitions.

Defining Disable Periods

Describes how to define disable periods to disable the USAS, USPS, and/or EMIS state software web applications.

EMIS SIF Agent Integration

Describes the configuration of the Ohio SIF agents with the USAS and USPS SOAP Services.
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