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ASG software provides UDMS License Codes for individual ITC's.  When the SSDT receives these codes, we create a Cherwell ticket with the codes and information on how to install them.  The information is also being provided here. These authorization codes are provided in both uppercase and lowercase (for readability purposes only).

UDMS 7.1 (Alpha)

Throughout the process, make sure UDMS_EXE is pointing to the correct directory.  In some cases, there may be more than one version of UDMS installed. Note that two images will need to be authorized by repeating steps 3 through 6 (udmsshr.exe and udmssrv.exe).

1. Shut down the dispatcher


2. Remove the shared images

install remove udms_exe:udmsshr.exe
install remove udms_exe:udmssrv.exe

3. Start the code installation process

RUN udms_exe:udmsinst

4. The procedure will ask for the image.  Enter the name of one of the images (udmsshr.exe or udmssrv.exe). Steps 3 through 6 will need to done twice, once for each image. The order of  image installation does not matter.

5. Verify the serialization codes displayed with the ones provided from ASG as listed in the Cherwell ticket.  This is to ensure the correct UDMS server license is being installed.

6. Enter the Authorization codes where requested (enter the codes in uppercase).

7. After authorizing the software for both images, reinstall the images.

install add udms_exe:udmssrv.exe/open/head/share

8. Restart the dispatcher


--to start with a specific user (example to start with udmsd user)
submit/noprint udms_exe:udmsdstart/user=udmsd

9. Verify the correct new expiration date matches what was provided. This date appears at the bottom of the screen when you go into UDMS.

UDMS 8.xx

For some systems, the install doesn't work this way.  You have to define a logical; we also discovered it has to be done in the

In the system table:


  "UDMS_AUTHORIZE" = AuthorizationKey"


$ DEFINE        UDMS_AUTHORIZE                  "AuthorizationKey"

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